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source: Zucchetti.Kos

| Designbest editorial staff


he modern bathroom has a wet-room, yet it doesn’t turn down a traditional bathtub, which peeks from behind the curtains with a slightly coquettish and retro air. The rest of the scheme is in sharp contrast, clean lines and bold graphics for a strikingly modern space. Dynamic and full of energy with aesthetics borrowed from the living room, the new bathroom takes shapes and volumes from other rooms in the home. And this is what we have: a timber-framed chair with a sculptural silhouette, a showerhead inspired by a traditional reading light and a splash of indigo on a wall-mounted shelf. The outcome is a contemporary spa, a space to take a break during your busy daily schedule.

Style notes

Sculptural chair.

This style with a “zig zag” silhouette is a real icon, an instant talking point. But, you can also go for a less extravagant piece, as long as it has character and a distinctly modern style. 

Indigo shelf.

And says who, a shelf can’t add that tasteful touch? This is a really simple piece, yet it does the trick.

Stool-coffee table.

A stool is extremely handy, especially in such a minimal space: you can enjoy some quiet me-time or even use it to have your bathroom necessities always within reach.  

Patterned floor.

Why don’t you venture a checkerboard, cubes or an abstract pattern. This adds pizzazz and movement to your whole scheme: graphic patterns add that unequivocal modern vibe.  

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