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BMT Bagni, collection X-Fly 04

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a sharp line and a simple, yet extremely functional, aesthetic, this modern bathroom focuses on oversized pieces and an informal elegant-style. The space has been accurately planned: on one hand, there’s a wall-to-wall mirror coupled with a wall-mounted washstand and on the other, there’s an oversized shower, a separate space in its own right. A for the final look, a few accessories for your everyday life: a wall-mounted bar with integrated compartments for your toothbrush and towels (your mobile phone too); a Terry cloth bath mat that massages your feet and a wooden stool placed beside the bathtub, perfect for leaving your natural brush, similarly to spa.

Style details

A bar with compartments.

Extreme functionality: a bar integrated with hooks and trays is perfect for having everything within your reach.

A wall-to-wall mirror.

A sole slab, backlight and frameless: with its pure aesthetic, this oversized mirror transforms a standard object into a contemporary decoration.

An oversized shower.

A wall-to-wall shower, lit up by natural light from the window: your personal oasis of wellbeing. 

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