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Duravit, DuraSquare collection

| Designbest editorial staff


clean and simple aesthetic with a few distinctive features: the bathroom is transformed from an intimate, secluded space into one that takes its cues from the living room. From metal chairs to open shelving, the modern bathroom is a fluid, versatile space with an unconventional feel, similarly to the living room: with its streamlined legs and sharp silhouette, the washbasin is inspired by the aesthetic of a console-table. In the background however, traditional bathroom accessories are combined living room ones, creating a soothing space.

Style details

A console-table.

With its streamlined legs, top in crystal and distinctive features, this washbasin takes centre stage in the bathroom. A freestanding piece. 

White marble.

Glossy and with dark veining, marble lights up the bathroom and confers a natural elegant feel.

Furniture in iron.

A simple frame with open shelving painted black replaces a standard bathroom cabinet and in addition, it confers the same appeal of a living room. 

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