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Cerasa, set Suede
| Designbest editorial staff


et’s create our own Cape Town luxury resort, with exotic touches, warm tones and relaxed furniture. This environment welcomes us with fragrances of essential oils and colours of far-away lands will guide us into a deep state of relaxation. Lightweight curtains, extremely soft sponges and souvenirs of exotic travel, make this space a real haven for the senses. Let’s abandon ourselves to the pure pleasure of zen wellness.

Our must-haves


Wall-mounted furniture. With geometric, yet asymmetric lines. The warm tones of mahogany bring colour to the room without weighing it down.


Curtains in tulle. They can be either hanging in the centre of the room or draped in a corner. Either way, their colour and lightness give to the room an African feel.


Pendant lamp. Half chandelier, half handmade lamp, it evokes the magic of classic candles and offers a natural and romantic light.


Ethnic furniture. The hand-carved chair, the wooden bowl, the tribal mask: travel souvenirs or copies which increase the exotic feel of the space.


Our style-notes


Earth tones. Mahogany, wood, sand, as well as grass-green and sunset-red. The right colours are those of a photograph of sunsets in the savannah.


Zoomorphic souvenirs. They are perfect when the space is limited: one of them is enough to evoke the charm of far-away lands, like the small giraffe on the table.
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