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Duravit, collection Cape Cod

| Designbest editorial staff


ur freestanding bathtub is inspired by traditional English roll-top bathtubs, the on-top washbasin brings to mind a retro vanity unit, and the maxi armchair is inspired by a chaise longue. And this is how your daily routine becomes a proper ritual, fit for all you aesthetes out there. It’s imperative to pamper yourself! Plus, we encourage you to indulge, even in a simple bathroom, in all the little luxuries life can bring. Like taking a bath in front a breathtaking view, or enjoying a vanity unit worthy of a real metropolitan queen. Or what about indulging in some me-time in the most private space in the home: which goes from a utilitarian space to your very own home spa.

Three pieces on style

On top washbasin.

Inspired by a retro vanity unit, yet with a distinct modern touch. The perfect combination of charm and function.

Freestanding bathtub.

This showstopper re-invents your bath-time ritual, elevating your personal wellbeing.

Maxi armchair.

Or a mini chaise longue: “hugging” silhouette, and an extra comfy deep seat inspired by living room furniture. Wellbeing is guaranteed.

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