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Scarabeo Ceramiche, collection Glam - design Emo

| Designbest editorial staff


n elegant scheme in white and Scandinavian-inspired style: the new minimal bathroom is an extremely functional space. A twin wall-mounted washbasin takes centre stage and combined with two matching round mirrors, it creates a chic, understated feature wall. In addition, a footstool/ coffee table coupled with a pine bench replaces the standard bathroom furniture, referencing the soothing, natural feel of a Swedish spa. The entire scheme is in optical-white, whether it’s the rustic brushed plaster or the soft towels. Besides, a cream-coloured mat with a sky-blue border adds a pop of colour as well as a note of style. 

Style details 

Total white.

The colour white is perfect to instil a sense of cleanliness and wellbeing. Besides, the details in bleached wood add a distinctive Scandinavian-style.

Furniture in bleached wood.

A bench and a coffee table/ footstool: this alone replicates the same magic of a natural spa, in which you indulge in some me-time.

Round mirrors.

The circle epitomises the perfect shape and two mirrors such as this with no frame and hung as a pair, add an understated sophisticated touch.

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