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Agape, bathtub DR

| Designbest editorial staff


bathtub with a curved silhouette and a washbasin with a soft line; this combo will turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a truly welcoming space. The “hugging” bathtub evokes a sense of total relaxation, while our washbasin, which looks like a large pale, is really practical. Not much else is needed to finish this scheme off: a flat-fronted radiator, where you can hang towels and all your bath-time essentials, while the minimal base unit replaces a conventional shelf. And there's nothing blocking your view; this bathroom evokes a most pleasant sensation.

Three pieces one style

Curved silhouette.

Rounded corners are perfect for a soothing space. And your bathroom becomes a space where wellbeing reigns supreme.

Base unit.

Move all your bathroom essentials below your view point; this is how your room will look tidier and more spacious. 

Flat-fronted radiator.

Go for a style with a built-in towel rack, luxurious and practicality at the same time: your towels will always be warm.

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