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ABK, collection Blend

| Designbest editorial staff


terracotta-hued console table interprets contemporary style with a bit of charm and becomes the bathroom’s centerpiece. The minimal lines and soft shapes create the room’s geometry, and it’s the console washbasin that determines the rules of the game with a series of call backs and highlights. It starts from the mirror, which matches both the cabinet’s rounded openings and the sink/washbasin, and goes on to the shower tiles decorated with a 3D geometric pattern. The atmosphere is a perfect mix of charm and formal rigor; and the final product is warm and sophisticated.

Style details

The geometric tiles.

Grès-porcelain tiles decorate the wall with an effective 3D pattern for a bathroom that instantly acquires a contemporary feel.

The console table.

Furniture that seems to have come from the living room; it reminds one of a modern cupboard and gives the bathroom a contemporary look.

The geometric lamp.

Instead of the usual spotlight, go for a unique lamp with personality. After all, the details are what make the difference.

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