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Axor, collection Citterio E

| Designbest editorial staff


n this elegant bathroom, glass transparencies and water reflections form the right mood. This is your very own spa, a private place where wellbeing is paramount. Bathtub flush with the floor; this is your personal infinity pool, a place to dream about swimming in the Caribbean sea. And at the back, a wet room, which opens up like a real glass curtain; this brings us closer to the magic of crystal-clear water. However, this extravagant scheme can be toned down to suit a much smaller space. Play with delicate accessories in pale-blue; they are streamlined, transparent, lightweight and of course, ultra-modern. 


Three pieces one style

Laundry hamper.

Mesh frame and white basket; this adds class to your dirty laundry. 

Clothes hooks.

These pieces have an extremely faint silhouette, almost invisible. And each one is unique and different from the other; this is because they’re handmade. A unique touch to any bathroom.

Glass shelves.

This family of shelves has clean-cut aesthetics, perfect for the modern bathroom. And its streamlined silhouette adds movement, drawing a sort of pale-blue skyline. Ideal also for a small bathroom.  

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