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Fap Ceramiche, collezione Lumina

| Designbest editorial staff


ertainly, the challenge of a small bathroom is to make it feel bright and welcoming. This is an extremely private space, however you only need a couple of square metres to recreate the same feeling of a spa. It’s just like being in a beauty farm! We have: a freestanding elliptical bathtub, a wooden tray for all your bath-time necessities, a floor-to-ceiling window in frosted glass, which grants us views over the garden while still maintaining a certain degree of privacy and timber flooring and wall cladding. This the right decor for your very own private spa: a natural colour scheme, pure white reflections.


Our must haves

A freestanding elliptical bathtub.

A bathtub with rounded corners and a simple wooden tray, which rests on top. And hey presto: a dreamy bath-time.

A floor-to-ceiling window.

A small space needs a lot of light to avoid feeling poky. So, natural light, which filters through frosted glass is the perfect answer. 



Our style notes

An adjustable lamp.

This piece is inspired by an adjustable reading lamp. And it replaces, with a vintage touch, a conventional ceiling lamp or the over-used spotlight.



Parquet flooring clads part of the wall for a warmer feel; this builds a cozy corner around the bathtub.

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