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Boffi, Free Zone Collection - design CRS Boffi

| Designbest editorial staff


he dictates of the contemporary bathroom call for lightness, austerity and ample comfort while showing off a minimalism with decisive contrasts, natural tones and lines traced out with a straight edge and ruler that intersect softer and more enveloping forms. Firstly, the freestanding bathtub is resolute in its optical look, but is ready to welcome us with its reassuring and relaxing curves in an everlasting and tailor-made tranquility. Meanwhile, the armchair is a true wicker nest where one can linger while putting on creams or having a bathroom steam. The wall-mounted dressing table goes for functionality and reinterprets it with a sophisticated and light touch. Then there is the large mirror lit up by a thin transversal line, further increasing the pleasure of our beauty routine. And the open shelves? They become a sort of shop window for our wellness, keeping our creams, bath salts and magazines (to flip through in a bit of intimacy) nearby.

Style details

The suspended composition.

Minimal, square and suspended, this composition around the washbasin plays with asymmetric geometry in order to give dynamism and lightness to the entire bathroom.

The freestanding bathtub.

White inside and black outside, and with a soft line that invites on to relax. It is the perfect bathtub to place centerstage.

The armchair.

This woven nest is a pleasure to look at as it replaces the classic armchair.

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