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Supergres, collection Medley

| Designbest editorial staff


oven walls and houndstooth floors; this is how the bathroom wears its new look, with warm shades and a subtle reference to the world of high-fashion. The colours sand, cream and graphite bathe the space in a soft light, inspired by the tactile qualities of a tailor-made dress, while brushes of chocolate-brown turn conventional fixtures and fittings into real notes of style. The mood is sophisticated and intimate, perfect for your daily-dose of personal wellbeing.

Three pieces one style

Twin washbasin.

A twin square counter top washbasin, in a soft chocolate-brown; this brings together crisp elegance with intimate practicality.

Bold tiles.

Stylized prints than reference a houndstooth pattern, but also stripes and friezes. Go for a pale shade that won’t tire you out.

Ceiling mounted towel rack.

An unconventional and extremely functional idea (you can even hang your bathrobe here), the ceiling mounted towel rack reaches down from the ceiling, turning into a great note of style. 

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