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Ardeco, collection Industrial

| Designbest editorial staff


legant and sophisticated, our new bathroom combines romantic powder pink with bright coral. Here, the focal point are extremely functional pieces with a crisp and simple aesthetic: a frameless square mirror and a washstand, large enough for all your essentials such as a curved towel rack in metal, an hourglass-shaped ottoman that serves as a coffee table too. In addition, a mat creates a more intimate and welcoming feel, similarly to a runway it accompanies you in the most private area of the bathroom.

Style details

A washstand.

Crisp and clean, a washstand with an elegant, formal aesthetic. 

Exposed light-bulbs.

Two simple pendant light-bulbs: a cable in coral adds a contemporary twist to an otherwise plain piece. 

A splash of coral.

Shades of link (powder pink and coral) are perfect for a contemporary feel.

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