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BMT Bagni, collection Sound.Blues 2.07

| Designbest editorial staff


n the bathroom, wall-mounted cabinets in crisp silhouettes define the space with refined functionality. Sharp and sleek, in back and clad in velvet, they neatly store towels, soaps and bathroom essentials, perfect for organizing the space in a rational way. The washbasin is in black too, but wooden panelling softens its overall appearance; at the same time, the streamlined angular mirror forgoes frilly aesthetics. There’s a wooden bench to one side at the back of the room; this adds an ethno-chic touch to the overall decor.

Three pieces one style


If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, why don’t you indulge in a comfortable piece? Instead of a conventional daybed however, go for a exotic bench such as this one.

Streamlined mirror.

Pure minimalist and utter practicality: this mirror is opens like a window and multiplies light and space.

Wooden top.

Amidst all this black, the wooden top is a brilliant touch that will create necessary warmth.


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