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| Designbest editorial staff


n this modern bathroom, the bathtub takes centre stage, surrounded by a few pieces with a Zen flair and a door which lets in the light with elegance. The atmosphere is intimate and ready to give us a spa-worthy relaxation: a real nest for a cuddling bathing experience with a touch of refined minimalism. Here, the keyword is wellness, seen as informal and defined by pastel tones and the essential  Nordic flavor. This is all you need for a truly natural chic feel in your bathroom. 

Our must-haves

Towel holder.

Essential and lightweight, this is the ideal piece for your accessories and towels while keeping everything tidy. What’s more, it’s also space-saving. 

Bathtub in the centre of the room.

As intimate as a nest, it has a velvety surface. Placed in the centre of the bathroom, this tub will instantly invite you to unwind and relax. 

Our style notes

Earth tones.

Dark wood and stone are combined with the more delicate tone of the cream: this will warm up the space with discreet elegance. 

Hanging mirror.

The classic wall mirror is here updated in this dramatic version with clean lines. This will add a personal touch to even the most essential interior design scheme. 

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