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Marazzi Sistem V Crystal
Cinius towel holder Tower holder inspired by traditional wooden wall-bars.
Antonio Lupi Kubic Cubic washbasin made in Corian.
Marazzi Sistem V Crystal
| Designbest editorial staff


he modern bathroom is like a spa, where well-being and design go arm-in-arm. An extra large shower with sky-blue mosaics, a monolithic double washbasin in a neutral shade and a sprinkling of wooden accessories, inspired by Scandinavian design. This room is filled with natural light, which embraces you like a warm hug. And all this for an oasis of tranquillity and well-being, which you can enjoy any time of the day.


Our must-haves


An extra-large shower. A generous scale and clean and simple lines: this is the secrete of an elegant shower that doesn't weigh down a space. Your key details? An extra-thin glass façade, mosaic tiles with extra-shine and slatted timber flooring. This is perfect to give the illusion of a much bigger space.


Double washbasins. Minimalist design, but with a strong silhouette. They look like they have been especially tailor made to create two different areas, for him and her. If your bathroom isn't big enough, you can opt for a twin washbasin in a single block. This is a more subtle solution, however always special.


The towel holder. Inspired by traditional wooden wall-bars. And for this purpose, you can even use an old wooden ladder, inspired by Scandinavian design. This is a simple and functional piece, which immediately warms up a rooms creating an intimate feel.

Our style notes


Timber-framed stools. Bet it next to the washbasin, in the shower and if need be even right in the middle of the room. Key when you are getting ready for a night out; also useful for hanging towels and accessories. This is a truly versatile piece, which adds a natural touch.


Mosaic tiles. People in-the-know have them in glass with an extra-shine, to capture light, also available in a block colour. Use them in the shower, to zone different areas, to dress-up a corner or to make a Greek freeze. This is real urban chic!
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