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Supergres, collection Purity of Marble

| Designbest editorial staff


arble veining on the walls and the floors of our new bathroom; this light up the entire space. The overall decor is crisp and clean: delicate lines and simple shapes for the furniture as well as the fittings, on the contrary sharp silhouettes for the shower cubicle and the taps. Two details however soften the black-and-white décor: The Zig-Zag chair and a wooden cabinet, they combine contemporary elegance with the natural material par excellence, as if it were a real spa.

Style details

The zig-zag chair.

This contemporary design icon is in line with the overall look, yet it adds a necessary touch of warmth. 

The simple shower cubicle.

Spacious, crisp and see-through with a smoke-grey touch; the shower cubicle is now a characterful, sophisticated piece.

The wall cabinet.

Two wall cabinets, for a light, dynamic touch.



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