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BMT Bagni, collection  SOUND.Blues 2.01

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a clean and simple aesthetic, the furniture appears to be floating in mid air and creates a space that combines elegance and functionality. The contemporary bathroom is a well-planned space, decorated with a symmetric vanity unit and a warm colour palette. The colour dove-grey coupled with a washstand in honey-coloured oak is an extremely sophisticated combination. Besides, a large recessed bathtub, similar to a tiny pool, completes the scheme, not detracting from the overall harmony.

Style details

A washstand in oak.

Centre stage, this washstand with a wooden top creates additional warmth. 

A mirror with integrated lighting.

A minimal aesthetic with integrated LED lights. Here, elegance and function are in perfect harmony.

A recessed bathtub.

For a refined touch, a tiny hidden pool replaces a standard bathtub. 

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