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| Designbest editorial staff


n this bathroom, you can redefine conventional style rules with a mixture of straight lines and curved shapes. This is a decorative scheme where precision and simplicity reign, however this rigidity is broken up by unconventional touches. Walls have the same colour of the sky and the sea, the parquet flooring is perfect for walking bare foot on and the few pieces of furniture in pure white brighten up the room...These are the features you’ll need for a bathroom, which has both an intimate and a chilled feel. Large floor-to-ceiling shapes, remind us, with a sense of bubbling modernity, of crystal reflections in a pool of water. 

Our must-haves

Wall-mounted washbasin.

This on-top washbasin defines a vanity corner, which is both clean and simple. This adds a light touch to the rest of the room.

Asymmetric bathtub.

This is a soft piece with a slightly asymmetric silhouette; this bathtub invites you to spend moments of total calm and serenity. And this unconventional aesthetic is ideal for a more up-to-date bathroom.


Our style notes

Hexagonal tiles.

Use these tiles on a feature wall, in an alcove or as a decorative border. They are perfect for a theatrical ambience, however you must be careful not to go overboard.

A floor lamp.

This lamp is ideal next to the bathtub, instead of the customary sofa, and it’ll immediately become the main feature of this room. You’ll be able to transform your daily bathing ritual into a veritable moment of serenity.

Modular mirrors.

Here, instead of the usual bathroom mirror, we have thought of combining three modular mirrors together. Arrange them according to individual taste and space constraints; be it in the same shape and size for a pared-down style, or in different sizes to break out of the ordinary.

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