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Fap Ceramiche, Summer collection

| Designbest editorial staff


he anteroom is a small and luxurious entrance. The large shower is an invitation to an energizing massage. And the double washbasin allows us for the right amount of intimacy, even in two. This contemporary bathroom focuses on the aesthetics of wellness and creates a private spa dedicated to comfort with a space that embraces you on first sight. Vibrant motifs inspired by the imperfections of artisanal terracotta are blended with brushstrokes of orange in order to envelop us in a reassuring embrace that instantly awakens the mind and body. The austere lines and graphite details take care of the rest in a flawless graphical balance that keeps our minds at ease and instantly makes us feel better.


Style details

The decorative tiles.

With delicate and creamy patterns blended with orange-tinted earth tones, the bathroom takes on the vibrancy and warmth of summer and provides us with a boost of energy.

The open shower.

Large and stripped-down to the essentials, all it takes is a minimalist wall and some black accessories to add a totally new feel to the classic shower.

The wooden stool.

This sculptural stool can be also used as low table—a versatile piece that adds a Nordic and spa-like touch to the space.

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