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Neutra, bathtubs Spa

| Designbest editorial staff


neutral colour palette, natural materials and a taste of the Orient. If you follow our advice, you can turn your plain bathroom into an intimate and soothing space fit for personal wellbeing. Key to this scheme is a freestanding round bathtub, the kind of tub which was traditionally used in Japan for the “ofuro”, an ancient bathing ritual. And a wooden stool and chaise-longue complement the scheme, perfect if you want to indulge in some me-time, wrapped in a soft towel or pampered by the reinvigorating massage of a velvety cream. What’s more, in the background, a set or rounded mirrors, which evoke the silhouette of the tub; they add light and release positive energy. So, rejuvenating in the comfort of one’s own home is a matter of detail.

Three pieces one style

Sponge holder.

A small wooden bowl, as long as it has an oriental feel, is perfect for holding shower gels, sponges and essential oils.

Wooden chaise-longue.

This simple piece with a rounded silhouette adds instant comfort. It’ll help you enjoy to the max the time you in spend in your bath.

Mirror set.

Go for a set of small rounded mirrors in different sizes, instead of a conventional bathroom mirror. The overall feel will be instantly more soothing if you go for pieces with soft silhouettes.

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