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Supergres, collection Flavour

| Designbest editorial staff


n the springtime, your bathroom becomes a functional space with a clean aesthetic and a colour scheme inspired by sea and sky. Wall-mounted cabinets and fixtures and fittings; this gives the impression of a lighter space, it makes cleaning easier and what’s more, shelves and open storage keep everything within reach. And what about colour? Bright and relaxing hues, which call to mind waves braking on the sea shore. This is exactly what you need to fight away they greyness of winter and to enjoy a well deserved break. And by investing in a few little things, you can turn your plain bathroom into an oasis of calm and serenity. 


Three pieces one look

Clothes hooks.

Circular hooks in blue or aquamarine. They are practical: use them to hang robes and towels. 

Pale carpet.

In goes in the anteroom, soft shades are an elegant touch; this gives the same feel of a living room. 

Sculptural vase.

This piece is chic even if without flowers and what’s more, use it like a novelty caddy for: shower gel, cream, shampoo, sponges and brushes. 

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