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Astor Ceramiche, collection Oaks

| Designbest editorial staff


his round, freestanding bathtub stresses the new rules of bathroom décor: a contemporary oasis of personal wellbeing. This is space is perfect to regenerate, rest and pamper yourself, as everything reflects the idea that you should take care of yourself. Besides, you should be able to move freely around the space, as well as being able to stop time while being surrounded by a soothing mood. From the fluid, wooden chaise longue where you can indulge in some me-time to the side tables/ trays that can serve sponges or cups of tea, the bathroom is transformed into the new living room, although it has the same intimate and private appeal of a secret hiding place.

Style details

A chaise-longue.

This curved, yet simple design creates a harmonious space. Combined with the light wood, it gently warms the room.

A free-standing bathtub.

This is the main feature of our bathroom. Round and freestanding too, it evokes oriental tubs and bathing seen as a ritual.

Small tables.

Borrowed from the living room, it has a border similarly to a small tray, the epitome of personal comfort.

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