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Ceramica Cielo, Delfo system

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a double washbasin, double mirror and accessories stolen from the living room, the contemporary bathroom reinterprets wellness and provides intimate comfort for two. The bathroom fixtures are dressed in a relaxing shade of green to remove their sheen of utility and add a touch of glamour to the entire space. The true highlight is the vanity area which experiments with washbasin bowls placed on two matching trays. Meanwhile, the mirrors are concealed behind zig-zag panels and become modern medicine cabinets. Nearby, the chair and the floor lamp recall living-room style and, together with the carpet’s blue patterns, warm up the space with a lounge feel.


Style details

The washbasin tray.

These are not mere countertop washbasins, but genuine compositions inspired by centerpieces and completed by a tray, which give the bathroom a chic and lounge look.

The hidden mirror.

When closed they look like industrial-style pieces, but when opened they reveal two convenient mirrors. This refreshing idea turns the idea of the bathroom mirror on its head.

The colorful fixtures.

With shades of green which provide harmony and serenity, the bathroom fixtures take on a brand-new allure.

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