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Duravit, White Tulip set - design Philippe Starck

| Designbest editorial staff


n the modern bathroom a linear composition, strictly suspended on the wall, creates a large space which is dedicated to the wellness of two. Everything is tidy and the furniture evokes living room style to offer us a lounge atmosphere that turns the bathroom into a fluid space which is open to countless interpretations of relaxation. A wicker armchair seems to invite us to break the mold and experience this space with a new kind of intimacy, whether together or alone. Meanwhile, the side table in the corner leads us towards the adjoining room: a private spa which is far from indiscrete looks and where the freestanding bathtub becomes the perfect interpreter of comfort tout court, providing us with endless moments of wellness in complete freedom.


Style details

Wall composition.

With rigorous and linear floating furniture, the bathroom instantly offers impeccable balance that gives off a feeling of cleanliness and wellness.

ph.: set White Tulip by Duravit

The illuminated mirror.

Less is more. Large, geometric and with an illuminated frame, this is the perfect look.

The side table.

Sculptural and slightly inconspicuous, it is perfect for holding creams and shower gels (just as if we were in a spa) before entering the more private “bathing room” and getting into the tub.

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