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Iotti by Novellini, Centimetro Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


his contemporary bathroom focuses on clean design, decisive touches and a piece that turns the minimalist space into a personal spa. The highlight of the scene is the black-framed glass backdrop dividing the room in two. On the one side, there is the powder room with a suspended and outfitted washbasin; on the other, there is an intimate, natural and bright space that allows the classic bath to become a cherished ritual. With austere functionality and natural materials, urban accents and green walls, wellness is guaranteed.


Style details

The suspended washbasin.

Functionality and design go hand-in-hand in this suspended piece which includes a large counter, a towel rack and a washbasin.

The streetlight lamp.

This unexpected lamp goes for industrial style, removing its long floor stem and attaching itself to the wall, creating a striking and minimalist streetlamp.

The wooden bathtub.

Modern and square, but with a natural finish that makes it even more enveloping.

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