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Lea Ceramiche, collection Nexotone 

| Designbest editorial staff


rey walls and floor fill the contemporary bathroom. It’s the essential accuracy that defines the environment with practical functionality: on one hand the wide wooden shelf decorates the toilet wall and lifts the stone washbasin, on the other the marble coffee table, handy for the daily health necessities. The space at the end of the room, framed by the mosaic walls, is dedicated to the maxi wet room that in its simplicity recalls an extremely modern spa corner. The new daily wellness is an aesthetic research cared for in every detail, without any frills, but definitely warm. 

Three pieces one style

The maxi wet room.

Wide, with the flush with floor and the mosaic walls in different shades of grey. Less is more but with an eye for details.

The marble coffee table.

Instead of the usual cabinets choose for your bathroom a more sophisticated coffee table: with a few well thought accessories the elegance game is in your hands.

The wooden shelf.

Powerful, sculpted in wood with a light shade that brightens the whole room. We like the only piece of furniture to be like this, hanged and with character.  

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