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Agape, collection Immersion design Neri & Hu

| Designbest editorial staff


all-mounted furniture, clean lines, a large wooden top and a few accessories in graphite: the style rules of our new contemporary bathroom. Decorated in a clean Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, this bathroom accessorizes with bold, modern pieces such as a mirror with a streamlined frame that with its second adjustable mirror, adds a characterful touch, a clear reference to rear-view mirrors. And then there’s an oval bathtub, a modern take on the traditional Japanese Ofuro tub, completed by a matching side table/ step ladder that increases its depth and comfort. There are several contemporary pieces that stress the bathroom’s overall metropolitan style and as always, attention is paid to personal wellbeing.  

Style details

A twin mirror.

Round and simple, although it has an extremely practical magnifying mirror. The perfect accessory for your vanity unit. 

ph: mirror Revolving Moon by Agape

Mounted furniture.

A long wooden shelf connects all the pieces together. A lightweight, elegant piece.

ph: washbasin Immersion by Agape

A side table/ step ladder.

Beside the bathtub, it helps you to get in and out and store all your sponges and other bathroom necessities. 

ph: bathtub Immersion by Agape



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