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Grandform, collection Puro

| Designbest editorial staff


recision, order and simplicity are the main features of this contemporary bathroom, decorated in a minimal, classic-style and with a black-and-white colour palette. With an overall clean and fuss-free feel, a monolithic bathtub takes centre stage and parquet flooring redefines the space. In addition, furniture and accessories, generally considered for living rooms, add a refined touch and a feature wall with a wall-mounted vanity unity, is transformed into a stage for your everyday beauty routine. This is an extremely functional bathroom with a harmonious metropolitan feel. 

Style details

A freestanding bathtub.

Centre stage, a large freestanding bathtub is coupled  with parquet flooring. 

A bookcase.

With shelves in dazzling white and a slender frame in graphite, a bookcase is an unexpected addition to any bathroom that adds character.

An oversized lamp.

This oversized lamp that runs along the entire length of the  wall, lights up the bathtub as a spotlight.

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