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Fantini, collection Nostromo - design Davide Mercatali

| Designbest editorial staff


lean and simple silhouettes: “less is more” is the focus of new home-spa. In fact, the world of wellness adopts a minimalist approach that focuses on an imperceptible bathtub flush to the floor and an understated shower: the first piece indulges you with a private immersion as well as a waterfall jet, whereas the second one produces a localized massage as well as reinvigorating jets thanks to its oversized showerhead and hand shower. And the rest of the scheme? A lot of space and practical seating, perfect for indulging in some relaxing me-time.

Style details

A recessed bathtub.

A sunken in bathtub is ideal for your personal wellbeing: this extremely private, swathe haven is soothing for both mind and soul. 

A cubic ottoman.

It brings to mind an ice cube (instantly cooling) and is a seat and a side table combined. A practical, stylish touch. 

A wooden bench.

Scattered around the room, they have the same feel of a home-spa. They are perfect for your personal wellbeing. 

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