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Instabilelab, wallpaper Flying Away 

| Designbest editorial staff


ight filters through curtains made of reeds, birds sing on a flowery wall, flooring with a flagstone-effect: all the details of this bathroom resemble a tiny garden that sheltered by a gazebo, creates an intimate, natural oasis. The overall style is modern-romantic with delicate nuances and natural materials that blend a light, refined combination composed by light and airy spaces. There are only a few pieces of furniture: in the centre, a freestanding bathtub in a soft line is coupled with a simple, practical wooden stool and a lush plant decorates the opposite corner. For a final touch, a large shelf houses washbasins and towels and in addition, two simple mirrors with a crisp silhouette discretely multiply the space. The list is complete: this harmonious space perfectly combines intimacy and dream.

Style details


The latest humidity-resistant wallpaper is especially designed for bathrooms. It’s perfect to refresh your old bathroom. 

A plant.

One plant is all you need to emphasises the “garden” effect: not flowers however, lush, green foliage is what you require. 

Reed curtains.

Replace standard curtains with a lightweight version made of bamboo canes, for a bewitching game of light and shadows. 

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