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Grandform, sauna Bio Level

| Designbest editorial staff


hether it’s traditional, Finnish or bio, a sauna offers many benefits. So why not turn the bathroom into a true spa? With a bit of free space, one can set up an innovative sauna system that is ready to give targeted treatments to the whole family. This one is state-of-the-art with touch commands, but also enveloping and intimate thanks to the natural woods that cover the benches and walls. It is even complete with music, colorful lights and aromatherapy diffusers to relax in our favorite essential oils. In this way, we can indulge ourselves in the pleasure of a special treatment in order to restore our energy in the intimacy of our homes.

Style details

The wooden sauna.

150x100 cm is all that is need to set up this multifunctional sauna, even for transforming a compact bathroom into an oasis of wellness.

The touch commands.

Chromotherapy, aromatherapy, music and intuitive commands make the sauna a unique pleasure.

The double washbasin.

A large suspended counter with two built-in washbasins is what is needed to create and make wellness functional, even in our small daily acts.

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