A bedroom with an exposed closet

You might think it a challenging concept, but an exposed closet with everything in plain sight is also a really practical idea. Better though if you’re tidy!

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Canopy beds: our top inspirations

In the collective imagery, canopy beds evoke romantic, sophisticated and princely bedrooms. And without any shadow of a doubt, this is an ultra-feminine territory. But, what if we said that canopy beds can also be for all you men out there?


The irregular headboard is the new key player in the bedroom

In our new bedroom, scatter cushions in a variety of different fabrics surround us in a warm embrace, a most relaxing informal intimacy. The overall mood if light and airy: the large double bed takes centre stage and its padded headboard draws a stylized skyline on the feature wall...


A serene bedroom with soft fabrics

If you want to turn a standard bedroom into a veritable nest; this is how you do it: a neutral colour scheme, soft fabrics and “hugging” silhouettes. This space has a warm yet familiar feel, informal yet chic, and you should furnish it with pieces that follow these aesthetics.


Rest in an open plan bedroom

A freestanding double bed, a small weather-beaten leather sofa, a brightly coloured coffee table and an old trunk, which treasures memories of exotic travels and adventures...


A neutral bedroom with a relaxed vibe

This contemporary bedroom has classic aesthetics. Key player is a double bed in pure-white with clean and simple lines, however it has one extravagance: an elongated headboard.


When a bedroom is a melting-pot of different styles

A bed inspired by Scandinavian design, brightly coloured accessories with bold aesthetics, a streamlined bookcase, a Persian carpet and even one in stripes. This is a bedroom where a variety of different pieces of furniture and accessories come together in a melting-pot of different styles.