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Linvisibile, panels Brezza - system Zefiro

| Designbest editorial staff


he keyword here is wellness. This bedroom turns into a private oasis that transforms every piece of furniture into a personalized caress. At centerstage, there is a four-poster bed, emblematic of romantic and luxurious relaxation, while the upholstered bench and armchair are ready to embrace us during our personal timeouts: relaxing before going to bed or lazing about just after waking up. And what’s in the background? The sliding panel walls reveal an intimate and refined spa with a bathtub at the center of the scene and a spectacular view to immerge ourselves in the complete freedom of total wellness.

Style details

The tilting panels.

Part blinds and part theatrical curtain, it is a chic, spectacular and convenient wall formed by panels.

The four-poster bed.

A bedroom classic revisited with clean and minimal lines perfectly interpreting contemporary romanticism.

The free-standing bathtub.

Unexpected in the bedroom, hidden by the sliding blinds, it is an original idea that gives an immediate sense of wellness.

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