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Marazzi Ceramiche, Grande collection

| Designbest editorial staff


n our new bedroom, pure-white, the colour that more than any other represents rest, creates an ethereal, dreamy aesthetic. Inspired by Scandinavian-style, the room is decorated with a few simple pieces such as a side table in bleached wood that serves as a nightstand too, fur cushions that decorate an elongated window seat with a prime view of the landscape. Here, white takes centre stage and creates different volumes and space, highlighted by dashes of black: on one hand, the windows that frame the landscape similarly to a painting and on the other, a floor lamp that replaces a standard bedside lamp and adds a modern touch to the scheme. Besides, the floor in porcelain stoneware with its oversized tiles in pure white, while in the centre of the room, the blue bed with a sole splash of colour, completes the bewitching scheme.

Style details

A pure-white floor

Elegant, practical and hardwearing: porcelain stoneware is a contemporary, versatile material. The cream coloured tiles a perfect for a dream-like feel. 

ph: collection Grande by Marazzi Ceramiche > 

A wooden side table.

In bleached wood with a white top, in perfect Scandinavian-style: the ideal bedside table.

A blue bedspread.

A splash of bright blue adds a vibrant touch, although it doesn’t detract from the room’s soothing, dreamy aesthetic. 

A window seat.

Decorated with a few fur cushions, this bench that runs the entire length of the wall serves as a shelf as well as a viewing point for the garden. 

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