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Alf  Da Frè, bed Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new bedroom wears the colours of winter; this is an intimate nest with an informal relaxed vibe, yet really chic. The overall decor brings to mind an old mountain lodge, inspired by traditional Scandinavian style with a neutral colour palette and warm fabrics. Bed, carpet and blankets will keep us warm all through winter, creating a most pleasant cocoon-like feel, stressed by an exposed stone wall and crisply designed shelves. Natural light filters from the window, and the large mirrored wardrobe gives the illusion of a much larger space, adding a dreamlike feel to the whole scheme.

Three pieces on style

Exposed stone wall.

A rustic wall for an intentional lived in feel, inspired by the interior of a mountain lodge. 

Open shelving.

Crisp, lightweight and ethereal; this bookcase is perfect for the space. And it’s decorated with a few sculptural pieces and a row of books. 

Neutral colours.

White and cream are ideal for a bright space, timeless without feeling dated. A serene feel is instant.

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