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source: Lema
| Designbest editorial staff


n the bedroom, a few firm touches of colour revive reassuring echoes from the past and bring “timeless” elegance to our home. Modern pieces with a relaxed feel, thanks to their simple and softened lines, share the space with iconic products. Everything in this room, from the side table to the optical carpet, invites you to total relaxation. This is the perfect space to daydream in an embracing and revitalizing environment.


Our must-haves


Bed. A vintage feel combined with an extremely modern personality. Its main feature is the minimalist headboard upholstered in an electric-blue fabric.


Iconic chair. A piece design history, timeless and with a strong personality. You need to have it in a bright tone.


Low/side tables. They can be placed in any part of the room, allowing you to reinvent the concept of bench or side table.


Carpet. It can be small, to be used as a bedside rug, or wider; either way, it immediately warms up the room with its optical pattern. Best if you combine two of them.


Our style notes


Rounded edges. Typical of 50s design, they reinterpret contemporary style, making the pieces softer and more comfortable, elegant and yet discreet.


Patterns from the 70s. The optical effect on the carpets gives a dynamic look to the room while better defining the sleeping area.


Plastic. It immediately sends us back to the 50s and 60s, and it is the perfect material to create an environment with a young and modern feel.


Bold colours. A few brush strokes are what’s needed to highlight the most important pieces of furniture and add new charm to their clean and stark style.
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