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Venis, collection Austin  

| Designbest editorial staff


his dreamy bedroom is a safe haven, in which you can enjoy life’s little luxuries such as a warm embrace, moments of idleness and take care of your personal wellbeing. There’s a conversation area set around the fireplace, the perfect spot for those chilly winter evenings, a bed placed underneath the window, so you can enjoy the early morning rays as well as the starry sky and a bathtub too, protected by a screen to allow a certain degree of privacy. This bedroom has been especially decorated to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, making your personal wellbeing a top priority.

Three pieces one style

Outdoor armchairs.

Beside the fireplace, traditional timber-framed armchairs add a touch of rustic charm.


The freestanding bathtub is a must for personal wellbeing. 


Use this lightweight wicker screen to create secluded corners. 

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