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Pianca, bed Spillo

| Designbest editorial staff


our bedroom this summer is understatedly elegant and bathed in natural light, a simple and chic space in white and turquoise. Just like being on a Greek island and feeling the sea breeze on your skin: furniture in pure white and linen and a sprinkling of accessories in sky blue. A dreamlike nest which encourages you to indulge in pure idleness. An idea to copy; this is how you can have the same feel of the Mediterranean sea in the city. 

Three pieces one style

Exposed light bulbs.

Two pendant lights: large scale bulbs replace a conventional table lamp.

Tray/side table.

Two circular side tables in different sizes: perfect for breakfasting in bed, stacking books or having a jug of water always within reach.

Sky-blue linen.

A summery alternative to pinstripes, a stylish addition which doesn’t detract from your holiday vibe.

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