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Lema, wardrobe Aria

| Designbest editorial staff


ou might think it a challenging concept, but an exposed closet with everything in plain sight is also a really practical idea. Better though if you’re tidy! We guarantee that an exposed closet will turn what’s generally a private and hidden space into the new heart of your bedroom. Plus, for an informal and cosy feel, add several vintage suitcases in different shapes and sizes and a retro armchair; this will turn the time you spend getting ready into a game to indulge in.

Three pieces one style

See-through fronts.

Everything goes topsy-turvy: an exposed closet will add a fresh young touch to your bedroom.

Retro armchair.

You can choose between leather, fabric or a rocking chair, any style really as long as it’s clean (a companion piece to your closet). Comfy and informal, like real vintage furniture should be.

Vintage suitcases.

Granny’s old steamer trunk or a vintage leather suitcase; these two finds add a warm and friendly touch to a modern exposed closet.

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