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Lema, Mynight bed - design Oscar & Gabriele Buratti

| Designbest editorial staff


his double bed becomes the highlight of the scene by interpreting comfort and elegance with light volumes and prized materials. The bedside table, dresser and pouf move freely about the room, surrounding the bed with a compositional freedom which is aimed at highlighting its aesthetics. Even the sculptural lights become discrete elements which float about the room in order to warm up the space without being intrusive. The final result is a bedroom with a contemporary and poetic mood where austerity and refinement are what design the space.


Style details

The austere bed.

Minimal and with a soft and imposing leather headboard, this bed seems to float in space and chooses leather in order to offer us our dream bedroom.

ph: bed Mynight by Lema

The sculptural lamps.

Whether on the table or hanging, these lights frame the scene. Placed next to the bed and a bit off to the side, their striking forms turn out to be even more discrete and chic.

The bench-pouf.

With an organic form, natural colors and ample volumes, here is the perfect alternative to the classic bench or traditional armchair: a large round pouf that instantly adds an extra touch of comfort to the room.

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