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Flou, bed Icon - design Carlo Colombo

| Designbest editorial staff


hade of grey, pearl-white nuances, a soft line and a sharp silhouette: your new bedroom has a refined, clean style, composed by a few pieces and muted colours. With its geometric silhouette and grey upholstery, a double bed takes centre stage and appears to float in a dreamy atmosphere that combines intimacy of the room with the mirror of the lake and the shades of the sky. The clouds form the roof of this crisp yet poetic alcove, while the reflections of the water extend on the floor of the room where round side tables, a bold lamp and a simple yet welcoming armchair define the space with a soft touch. Splashes of ochre on the floor and fabric overlays create the final dreamy touch.

Style details

A bed with headboard.

Thanks to its headboard, you are able to place the bed in the centre of the room, without losing a sense of intimacy.

Round coffee tables.

Different heights and sizes, with either a streamlined or a more distinctive top: the coffee tables arranged here and there alter the concept of a bedside table adding a more dreamy allure.

Yellow accents.

The only note of colour is the carpet with a geometric pattern in ochre that lights up the room without overrunning the space.

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