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Bonaldo, bed Madame C. - design Giuseppe Viganò

| Designbest editorial staff


elvety colours, a soothing feel and a large bed that serves as an alcove. With an oversized headboard and complementary accessories in a delicate line, our new bedroom perfectly combines comfortable silhouettes and a romantic aesthetic. To the side, a tiny console table and a matching padded chair create an attractive vanity unit for her, or alternatively a functional study space for him. In addition, the filmy curtains in pure white behind the bed create a dreamy, intimate feel, surrounded by soothing green accents.

Style details

An oversized headboard.

Here, three large pillows open as a flower create a hugging silhouette. 

A study space.

You only need a console table and a chair with an elongated backrest for a tiny study space, equally suitable as a vanity unit.

A geometric coffee table.

Lightweight, slender, almost imperceptible, yet full of personality: the perfect contemporary beside table. 

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