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Maxalto, bed Febo

| Designbest editorial staff


large headboard upholstered in purple: the double bed takes centre stage. The overall decor has a dream-like vibe with walls and flooring in pure-white, the wingback chair complies with the same colour scheme. The entire look is conducive to a good night's sleep. And the two mismatched bedside tables will help you store all your night-time essentials, perfect for leaving a book, cup of tea and anything else you might need.

Three pieces one style

Purple headboard.

A large headboard and a frame with a clean silhouette, but it’s the colour purple that really adds character: bold, warm, perfect for winter.

Mismatched bedside tables.

One is square and the other is round, but both have streamlined silhouettes. Mismatched beside tables will add a stylish touch, if you want to try something different tey getting them in different styles. 

Mini wingback chair.

The traditional wingback chair adds an informal touch to the room. This is a fresh new take on a timeless classic: more current, less heavy and less dated.

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