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Novabell, tile collection Overland

| Designbest editorial staff


his bedroom is inspired by Scandinavian style and focuses on simple furniture and pastel tones that add an intimate, romantic touch to the entire scheme. The bed takes centre stage, covered in filmy textiles and ultra-soft pillows, for an extremely comfortable experience. What’s more, the stool and the table lamp focus on absolute practicality, creating a simple yet well planned reading corner. A chair with a curved silhouette sits in the corner: the modern alternative to a traditional wingback chair and when need be, it transforms in a dumbwaiter, perfect for leaving your clothes before going to bed.

Style details

The stool.

It replaces a standard beside table: as long as you can live without drawers and shelves. 

The adjustable lamp.

Inspired by desk lamps and it follows your every movement: perfect for shining a light without waking up who sleeps beside you.


Go for vibrant colours and patterns: they replace a standard headboard and complete the overall décor.

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