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Novamobili, collection Easy System - design Valeria Carlesso

| Designbest editorial staff


décor scheme for a bedroom with a soothing feel. This room perfectly combines soothing colours, filmy textiles and simple functionality. Here, the main feature is a wooden panelled wall that adds a contemporary twist to the room. Besides, the shelves, wall and bed too have the same shades of the sky, while the drawers and carpets are in white, the non-colour par excellence. So, by following our tips your bedroom is going to have instantly soothing feel.

Style details

Wooden panelling.

Transformed into a large headboard, it replaces a standard bookcase as serves as a clothes hanger and beside table too. Simple, elegant and functional. 

Shades of sky-blue.

Blue, in pastel tones and a matt finish, instantly adds a soothing feeling. And combined with white too, a timeless classic for the bedroom.

Overlaid carpets.

Choose the same style in different sizes and asymmetrically overlay them, for a uniformity-fighting scheme. 

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