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Cir, collection Recupera

| Designbest editorial staff


otal freedom; this is the main theme for our bedroom, a great space with an informal, chilled vibe. We had a young couple in mind, starting life together in their first home. An all glass warehouse with high ceilings makes the perfect nest, furnished with reclaimed pieces. And this is what we have: a futon bed made from recycled pallets; an armchair upholstered in old mail bags and Moroccan-inspired lanterns that recall adventures in distant lands. Add a couple of details to finish off the look, like books that you can pile-up next to the bed, and a bedside table with a clean line which makes the perfect breakfast tray.

Three pieces one style


Perfect for futon beds, bedside tables and bookcases. You can recycle pallets in many different ways: DIY is bang on trends (but like in all things better keep it simple).


These Moroccan-inspired lanterns, inspired by faraway lands, perfect for that “one thousand and one nights” feel.

Bedside table/ tray.

In general, bedside tables are very practical pieces, and a coffee table also does the trick. Plus, if your top has a built-in handle it becomes a versatile tray.

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