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Falegnameria 1946, bed Urano

| Designbest editorial staff


lean aesthetics, crisp silhouettes and an injection of timber; this bedroom is inspired by Oriental style, a place ruled by order and harmony. A cantilever bed, perfect for resting on, takes centre stage; a floor lamp floods the room in diffused light; a neat pile of books invites you to meditate. The overall look is clean and modern with a gentle nod towards the Orient: a bust of the Buddha with half-closed eyes, adds an instant sense of peace and calm.

Three pieces one style 

Cantilever bed.

This bed frame appears to be floating in mid air, perfect for rocking you to sleep. 

Floor lamp.

A streamlined lamp tilted towards the ceiling, perfect for mood lighting.  

Oriental statuette.

Buddha, a global symbol for peace and harmony, adds an instant soothing vibe to the whole room. 

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