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La Falegnami, bed Passion - design R. Tapinassi & M. Manzoni

| Designbest editorial staff


his freestanding double bed is undoubtedly a statement piece: black leather upholstery and an ergonomic structure create a refined alcove, while the tufted headboard adds an undeniable glamorous touch. Beside it, two traditional-looking bedside tables complement a simple floor lamp; this is everything you need for a bedroom such as this, framed by two windows. And for a final touch, an oversized carpet in black that creates a catwalk-like effect, inspired by the world of high fashion. 

Style details

A tufted headboard.

Black leather and exposed seams transform a standard headboard into an extremely refined detail (and comfy too).

A simple lamp.

Based on two simple lines, this minimal floor lamp elegantly replaces a standard bedside lamp. 

Traditional bedside tables.

Lightly curved in oak and with two drawers: understated classic style is timeless.

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