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Scrigno, door Comfort

| Designbest editorial staff


everal practical space-saving pieces; this is perfect to turn an attic apartment into a welcoming and spacious alcove. The first step is the concertina folding door that won’t obstruct the passage and then, you should try getting this chest of drawers on castors that you can easily more around whenever you need to tidy your clothes. Everything has been planned to the last inch and allows you the maximum freedom of movement. A full-length mirror lights up the room and gives the impression of a wider space; this captures the light from the skylight and offers us new perspectives.

Three pieces one style

Concertina folding door.

Perfect if space comes at a premium. Instant success: the passageway is instantly wider and more practical. 

Full-length mirror.

This tall mirror needs to be strategically placed: it reflects the light and gives the impression of a wider space.

Chest of drawers on castors.

An alternative to the standard chest of drawers? The old filing cabinet painted white: order and practicality are within reach. 


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